* MIFさんの写真館 [#t864a700]
 My one of hobby is taking pictures. But the pictures isn't announced.
Even if those pictures are sometimes put on a blog as a diary, blog's capacity is limited and they are not put to all.
So I think I'll attach a pictures here as big as possible.
It takes a short while at reading time, but please pardon.
Instead, if you click on a favorite picture, you can enjoy it with a big picture.
Also, right click on the photo and select Save Picture As..., you can download large photos.
(If the thumbnail pictures are not indicated all sometimes,please you put out the history of the browser and try re-reading.)
**&color(#ff0000,#ffffff){NEW!}; 特設展示展(Specially-installed exhibition)&color(#0000ff,#ffffff){空と花(sky and flower)}; [#k5c94e73]

**&color(#ff0000,#ffffff){NEW!}; 最新のお写真 [#t7dfcff7]
-[[info201128]] Mifjpnさんから引き継いでalphaが運用します
-[[p190518]]さっぽろライラックまつり(Sapporo Lilac Festival)
-[[p190428]]円山動物園(Maruyama Zoo)
-[[p140727]]あやめ公園(Iris Park)
-[[p101006]]近所の森(Forest near house)
-[[p100523]]桜も咲いてた近所のお写真(The vicinity where cherry blossoms bloom)
-[[p100410]]お引越し後の初めての休日(First holiday after move)
-[[p090913]]夕暮れの日本海(The Sea of Japan of evening)
-[[p090731]]登別温泉(Hot spring of Noboribetsu)
-[[p090420]]春の動物園(Zoo of spring)
-[[p080724]]富良野のお花畑(Flower garden in Furano)
-[[p080511]]チューリップのお庭(Garden of tulip)
-[[p080308]]冬の富良野美瑛(Furano Biei of winter)
-[[p070812]]森の青葉ときのこと昆虫たち(Green leaves, mushroom, and insects in forest)
-[[p070624]]札幌花祭り(Sapporo Blossom Festival)
**過去の写真たち [#x626e3e4]


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